3 Creative Wedding Bar Ideas

3 Creative Wedding Bar Ideas

April 30, 2014 in News

3 Creative Wedding Bar Ideas

Every Bride and Groom want to make their Wedding special and different but it is hard to stay on top of the newest trends since no-one wants to have an ‘ordinary ‘wedding! Wedding Planners are always coming up with new ideas but sometimes it is best to do your own research and then hire professionals to do the job.

Here are 3 Creative Wedding Bar Ideas to inspire you and hopefully turn Your Wedding into a one-of-kind unforgettable special and magic day…

–          Brides and Grooms Cocktail Picks – make it easier for your guests to order a cocktail and recommend them your favorite mixtures. Typically one Bride’s pick and one Groom’s pick works best and doesn’t overwhelm the wedding guests.

algarve weddings idea 1

–          Make Your Own Cocktail Bar – if your guests like to experiment and would like to prepare their own cocktails according to their tastes, a bar setup like this is a perfect option. It creates an additional sense of ‘competition’ between the guests to see who will come up with the tastiest creation!

algarve wedding idea 2

–          A Self-Service Beer Bar – many people will skip the cocktails option and go with the beers from the tap – you can make it easy for them and set up a beer bar like this. Your guests will appreciate the refreshing cold beer and the whole set-up will add value to the decoration factor if you decided to go ‘rustic’.

algarve wedding idea 3

These three ideas are still quite uncommon to see on weddings, so if yours is coming up, make sure to pick your favorite, if you want to be original and surprise your guests.

If you need help with setting up a bar on your wedding day, you can Contact Us and we will take care of the whole thing for you, so you don’t have to stress about anything!

Cheers :)

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article by Artur Wojciechowski

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