Cocktail & Food Pairing

Cocktail & Food Pairing

February 1, 2012 in News

Most of the top bartenders and mixologists agree on one when it comes to Cocktail & Food Pairing – It’s one of those things that when people see it, then they believe.

Creating a cocktail pairing is no different than deciding on what wine to serve with a dish and the best bartenders in the business have no problem with it.

The reason that wine goes so well with dinner is because it has so many different flavors. When pairing wine with food you take into account the flavor profiles and varietals.

When pairing cocktails with food, the easiest to begin with is thinking about what wine you would serve with the dish. You can then deconstruct those flavor profiles and build them back into a cocktail.

In many ways, matching cocktails with food is easier than choosing a beer or wine pairing since the mixologist can create a drink to specifically pair with a certain food.

“Unlike wine, you can change or tweak the flavor of a cocktail to suit a dish. With a wine, you’re stuck,” says John Kinder, mixologist and american brand ambassador for Mystique Brands.

We encourage you to try different combinations at home and just have fun with it, you might discover a completly new passion…

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