Cocktail Trends for 2012

Cocktail Trends for 2012

January 2, 2012 in News

The cocktail culture today is changing faster than ever before. New trends, tendencies and fashions

are constantly in the picture. To keep up and embrace the change here you have a few of the Cocktail Trends for 2012…

Spirit forward cocktails
Spirit forward means a resurgence of cocktails like the Manhattan, Gin Martini or the Negroni, that are based solely on spirits, liqueurs or aperitifs, without the addition of juices and sodas. This means that you taste the quality of the spirit without adding a fruity mixer that masks the taste of the spirit.

Cocktail glassware shrinks
In the ‘90s glassware got much bigger. Now it’s getting smaller. Cocktail glasses have shrunk to their original proportions; 5 oz. instead of the staggering 12 oz. martini glasses that we were using. It’s time to archive those fishbowls and start serving cocktails in appropriately sized glassware.

Bitters are the new sweet
We have long enjoyed commercial bitters, but the ones I’m talking about are added by the drop, and are often compared to seasoning food with salt and pepper. We’ll be seeing more of bitters, from the iconic Angostura bitters, to newcomers to the Canadian marketplace like Fee Brothers, Bittermans, and the Bitter Truth.

With that in mind go ahead, explore and enjoy the world of cocktails in 2012!

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