Summer Cocktail Trends

Summer Cocktail Trends

June 15, 2013 in News

Summer just started and everyone is looking forward to a nice, refreshing cocktail.

Here are the Top 3 trends you’ll be seeing this summer in bars and restaurants around the country:

1) All Bubbles – Soda Machines are getting more and more common so naturally we’ll see more experimentation with carbonation, not only with waters but homemade sparkling wine based cocktails etc.
2) Beer Cocktails – from a Spicy Beer Cocktail with Hot Sauce to a simple Shandy. This summer you’ll see different kinds of beers (cider, stout and others) in cocktails so don’t be surprised with a few new choices on your favorite bar’s menu.
3) Cocktails from the tap – a weird new concept but many bars to ensure consistency and save labor will start using these. Plus – you’ll be able to get your cocktail much faster! Minus – your cocktail will not be prepared especially for you anymore!

If you would like to surprise your guests with trendy summer cocktails on your next Event or Party, you can Contact Us !

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