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Wedding Bar Essentials

Wedding Bar Essentials

Wedding Bar Essentials

A Wedding Bar set up is similar to any other occasion but there are certain things you simply can’t forget about.The Wedding Day is very special in many different ways and when thinking about setting up the bar, there is certainly a lot of inspiration around.

Here are a few wedding bar essentials to remember about:

Champagne – a Wedding is a unique and special event and Champagne is absolutely a must have!
Personalized Cocktails – not only can you serve cocktails with colors corresponding to the wedding theme but also create unique recepies and name them after the Bride and Groom…
A Bar – it looks much fancier than a simple table with a white cloth which you probably saw on 80% of the weddings you went to.
Ice – another essential thing, not only for cocktails but also for digestive drinks!
Cocktail Glasses – you’ll need not only the right glasses in the right amount but also plastic cocktail glasses if you are planning a garden party!
Souvenirs – a small bottle of liqueur or whisky for the guests will be definitely something they’ll remember. You can take this idea to the next level and prepare a custom bottled cocktail instead.
Enjoy :)

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