Your Algarve Wedding by ProgressBarEvents

If you are looking for the best Bar & Cocktail Catering for your Algarve Wedding you’re in the right place!

We will prepare delicious cocktails on your Special Day and we will take care of the organisation process so you don’t have to worry about anything!

You will be served by the Best Bartenders in the country which will be making a memorable Flair Show behind the bar and entertaining your guests while serving their favorite drinks.


Drinks Reception before the Ceremony – during your Algarve Wedding Ceremony your guests could get thirsty before, during and after the official part in a church, villa or anywhere else, let us take care of them.


Welcome Drink on the arrival of the guests – For Your Algarve Wedding we will prepare a custom cocktail with your names as well as all the other aperitifs like Champagne Cocktails, Wine Cocktails and so on!


Open Bar after the dinner with your favorite cocktails on the menu! We prepare the menus individually for each party so you can be sure you will have everything you need and more! This is a must have on any Algarve Wedding Party!


 Flair Bartending Show - surprise your Algarve Wedding guests with a unique and fun show! Everything can fly – bottles, shakers, ice, fruits, bar equipment and anything else our bartenders will touch. Fire effects and a small flair presentation for the guests in the end of each show!


Champagne Cascade – we will set up  a stunning Champagne Cascade to impress your guests during the toast! 


Molecular Mixology – we bring the newest high-end trending molecular cocktails to Your Algarve Wedding, this is something your guests will talk about for a long time!



Hen Party – Our entertaining bartenders will make your Hen Party or Bachelorette Night the night to remember before your Unique Algarve Wedding!


If you would like to arrange something special for you or your guests, before or after Your Algarve Wedding, try our Cocktail & Flair Workshop – a fun way to spend an afternoon and learn a few cocktails, bartending techniques and even flair bartending tricks!


For more info please Contact Us!

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Artur, you were AMAZING! All of our guests spent Sunday talking about how great you were! They said it was like having 5 barmen rolled into one, they have never seen someone work so fast.
Thank you so much for making our day so special! Clare, UK

Sinceramente adorámos trabahar com a vossa equipa!!! Quando voltarmose a fazer uma festa, faremos questão de contar convosco, no máximo quando celebrarmos 5 anos de casamento. Continuem a partilhar esta vossa paixão, porque vocês são o Máximo! Patricia, France

I was very impressed by your bartending and everyone loved your cocktails. Thank you so much and I hope someday I can get you mixing up some fine cocktails again. Adam, UK

Many Thanks Artur! Throughout this whole process you have been fantastic. Straightforward, responded immediately, professional. Jonathan, UK